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East Northport, NY


CFN LIVE featuring Men of Christ Long Island New York

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Men of Christ is a men’s group whose purpose is to learn more about our Catholic faith in order to get closer to and become more like Jesus. To learn to find joy and peace in our faith. For fellowship with like-minded men, which often has led to friendships. We welcome any man, any time. Whether you have just begun this journey or are comfortable evangelizing, we are all striving to become the best versions of ourselves as husbands, fathers, grandfathers, sons and friends.


We have created an agenda for our meetings to assist in this effort. Our meetings, which are held twice a month, typically have between 25 to 35 men in attendance. They are held in the lower church alcove (basement) of St. Anthony of Padua church, East Northport. The schedule for our upcoming meetings can be found below. No cost to attend, except your time.

Here is the format for our 90-minute meetings. After 15 minutes of fellowship, we start with an opening prayer, personal intensions and if applicable, announcements. We then watch and learn from the 15 to 20 minute video that typically is from a series on or presentations from Catholic leaders. Examples are Bishop Barron, Father Mike Schmitz or Matthew Kelly. We then meet in small groups to discuss what we viewed and discuss how it may apply to our daily lives. We conclude our meeting in a large group, where we share highlights of each small group discussion, then end with a closing prayer.

We encourage discussions that are positive, informative and uplifting for all attendees. We strive to create a meeting environment that is comfortable for any man who wants to learn more about their faith and develop friendships with like-minded men.

Our topics for the next 9 months will include learning how to pray better. Learning more about the eucharist, mass and how to evangelize. Many of the videos that were used for prior meetings can be found on the Resources page of this website.


Come and see if this is the answer to permit you to learn more about your faith and learn how to get closer to the God, who loves you, and created you on purpose, for a purpose! You do not have to be an active member of St. Anthony' to attend, some of our attendees come from other parishes on Long Island. You don't even have to be a Catholic - all are welcome!


Calendar of our upcoming meetings

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Blue Skies

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In Loving Memory of Peter McDermott
(January 23, 1953 – May 9, 2022)

Peter McDermott was one of the 9 “founding members” of our Men of Christ group. Peter, along with his wife Kathy, have been very active members of our parish. Peter fully recovered from cancer seven years ago. But Peter fell ill a few months ago, and died on May 9, 2022. We will forever remember the first member of our Men of Christ group, who has achieved his spiritual goal, spending eternity in heaven with our Lord and Savior.  

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